Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Cool Photos...

Every year, I take a trip to New York with my friends and husband. Every year we come home with great shots of New York and all of us having a great time in the city. I just recently looked at the photos that one of my friends took and usually I am hardly in any photos because I am behind the camera so often I do not get into any of them. I asked Doreen to take some photos of me for my blog, which she did, hence the change of the beginning of this Blog. Luckily, she also is a camera buff and was taking some shots of all of us as well. She got a couple of really interesting photos of me that I would like to share. We were at Top of the Rock and she shot a couple of me from the level above me and this is what she got. I liked them a lot, enough to share with you as well. Thank You Doreen!!!

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