Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sights of Maine

Every year in July, Boy Scout Troop 401 of East Haven, goes to Liberty Maine to have a week long Camp Out. This year, along with all the scout photos, I was able to take some photo shoot time for myself. It was great to get out of camp for a little while and do what I love to do most be creative and shoot. So here are some that I love the most.

Troop 401 Maine Camp Out

Lake St. George Liberty Maine

This next collection of photos is from the center of Liberty Maine. It is a very small town but it has so many interesting sights. This was a perfect place for me to spend time and just shoot. Many of the photos are from Liberty Tools. It is such an interesting place that has tons of old tools and antiques. The house I found here was very interesting for the fact that it is being supported by 2 jacks. Hope that you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

This is Acadia. It is a beautiful place to hike, bike, walk and photograph.

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