Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Black Sheep Ranch

A nice Summer night, friends, a blanket and live beautiful music. This is the Black Sheep Ranch. Friends of mine Andrew and Suzanne, have been having independent artist come to their backyard to perform live music. I had the pleasure of being able to experience this. The artists Sarah Blacker, Natalie Gelman and Frank Crutelli were the performers that night. They were all excellent. I highly recommend learning more about the Black Sheep Ranch and experience it for yourself.

All the information is on this link. Here are some photos from the Black Sheep Ranch. Thank you Drew and Suzanne for making this such a big part of your lives. This is a wonderful way of getting together and experience incredible artists.

Natalie Gelman

Your Host and fellow photographer Drew Wallach.

Sarah Blacker

Frank Critelli

Look up the artist! They are all extremely talented!

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