Friday, March 28, 2014

East Haven Animal Shelter

Every time I would drive by the East Haven Animal Shelter I would want to do something to help them get these beautiful animals into loving families. I contacted Owen and asked if I could photograph them. Well, here we are today in a pen running around with these beautiful loving dogs. I would like to introduce you to them. If you are interested in adopting please call or visit the Shelter. Share the Love!

Please meet Greta! Greta is a gorgeous older Rottie mix looking for a home - she came to us as a stray, but appears to be really well fed before she found her way to us. Greta will need a loving family that will help her lose weight and take her for short walks. 

Kisses for Officer Little

This is Flower! She is exuberant, happy, full of life!!! Flower has lived with a family with children and did so well! 

Can you say sweet and beautiful! This is Ella. She is a Pit Mix.  She was such a sweetie. She also loved that Officer Little gave her a belly rub.

This is Ernie. When he first came into the pen all I could think of was Scooby Doo. He is very handsome and full of life. 

What a handsome and strong dog. Einstein is a brindle Pit Mix.  He just wanted to get in as many smells and running around as he possibly could 


These photos speak volumes without saying a word..Lola is an 8 year old pug whose owner could no longer keep her. Just a sweet little girl.
Lola has been adopted and is going to her forever home!


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Anonymous said...

There all so cute I wish I could take them all. But I have 2 dogs that I love very much!!! Hope they find there forever home!!