Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vintage Photoshoot - Nellie Greens - Branford Landing - Branford CT

In January, the ideas for this shoot came together over coffee with Matt Van Ness of MV Film Productions, Jules Buckley of Magenta Events, and Greg Nobile. Matt and I had decided that once a year we would step out of the box and do something fun and different for a shoot. We decided on a vintage shoot. The first time we did this we had one model one location. It was simple and we had a blast. This time we decided to work on a lot larger scale. We decided on 2 locations, 12 models and 2 themes. While we were sitting there throwing out ideas , Bear Beatty of Consign and Design joined in our conversation and said whatever you need we have, including a dragster. It was perfect. His wife Patty Beatty was a huge help with getting all the props for the shoot together. It gave us the extra touch of the 50's.
This started the ball rolling and things just fell into place. I ran into Massimo Liguori,  the owner of Salon Massimo and he agreed to have the the girls from the shop be our  hair and make-up artists. The girls did an amazing transformation of our models. They all looked GORGEOUS!
Our locations were at Nellie Green's and Branford Landing. Nellie Greens just did some renovations to their bar area and it was perfect for what we wanted. Mike Savinelli, graciously let us use the restaurant as our back drop for our "Mad Men" inspired shoot. Chris Anderson at the Marina allowed us to use the old factory turned marina as our "Rebels" backdrop. The building was perfect for what we had in mind.
The clothes.....this was an amazing experience. Lorry's Vintage Shop in North Branford CT was a maze of decades of vintage clothing. Lorry was amazing. I gave her my ideas and 2 seconds later she was back with a ton of outfits. Everything worked perfectly.
Here was the icing on the cake! I posted a photo of a classic car as a hint to what we were doing. Within a day or so  I received an email from a high school friend of mine. She said, " I don't know what you are doing but I have a 1956 Thunderbird Convertible, white with red interior if you would like to use it." Ummmm, let me think for a second...YES!!!! Thank you Gina D'Erico!
The models....What an amazing team of beautiful people! We wanted to keep to the theme of using local business people. That's just what we did! Jules did double duty of helping me organize the vendors, emails and the schedule for the shoot and she was also a model! I would have been lost without her.
Our "Mad Men" themed models:
Attorney Robin Sandler
Shannon Beth of SB Cre8tive and her handsome husband Joe
Lorrie Maiorano of Calcagni Real Estate
Attorney David Minicozzi
Chris Hauman of Webbersaurus
When asked to stay in character, I don't think they wanted to come back out. They were all great to work with. Absolutely loved working with everyone. Thank you all so much.
Our "Rebels" models:
All of the kids looked great! They fell right into the idea of the 50's as well. The rebel attitude was perfected by them!
Huge Thank you to:
Greg Nobile, who also sat and brainstormed with us from the very beginning.
Ariel Maiorano
Gabriella D'Angelo
Cameron Brown
Kelianna Bonn
Kristopher Matthews
As always I could not have done this without my girls, my Associate Photographer Amy Hanselmann and my Assistant Payton Bliss who have worked hard on this project with us.They both are always dedicated and absolutely the best. I love having these girls on my team! And no Matt you still cannot steal them away from me! Every one did such a great job and we all had an amazing day.

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