Monday, November 8, 2010

A Fall Day in the Neighborhood

This was the start of me saying pick up some leaves and when I say go run at me and throw them at me.....

This was the result!!!

Even the neighborhood pets got into the act! Literally they just walked in.

Have to say this one is my favorite....this was the last shoot of the day

Leaf Fight!!!

Can you say Wide angle please!!!

This was interesting....All of the parents were standing to the sides...just in case. Wish I had the sound track to what was going on here. Wait I have video! :)

The Girls

The Boys

I want to thank all the kids first off. Having 10 kids ages ranging from 5 - 15, it could have been a tough job. All of them helped me out, had fun and just enjoyed being kids! I may even have a couple of them as assistants sometime in the future! I had a great time working with all of them.
Parents, thank you so much for being who you are and for having great kids. It was my pleasure to shoot your family portraits and to get these shots of all the kids. Have I mentioned I love my neighbors!! Love you guys!!

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