Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traveling through Time

I wanted to do something with a bit of a vintage edge to it. So I decided to incorporate old time travel into the shoot. I was lucky to have 2 beautiful models, Jillian and Miranda, to help me out. Also on my shoot today, Jake C came with me to learn more and shoot with me. He has a great eye and I hope that he keeps going with his photos. He did an awesome job. I also want to thank Ariel for being my extra hand for myself and for the girls. She did a great job with helping them with the changes and carrying around everything. I had a great team today! I love what we created. Thank you so much guys!!.

These were taken at the Branford Train Station

Before the girls transformed to the vintage girls that they are for part 2. We got a few modern day shots.

Then it was off to the Trolleys!
Here is Jake getting his shots of the girls!!

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Anonymous said...

These photos are fabulous!! Congrats!