Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senior Portraits with friends

I wanted to have an industrial look for some Senior Portraits that I was going to shoot. So, I called upon the East Haven Chamber to help me out and once again they came to the rescue. I had a few calls from different businesses that I could use their business for the shoot.Then I got a call from Pete at East Haven Landscaping, http://ehlp.com/ to come check out the warehouse and the yard to see if I wanted to use it for the shoot. Little did I know how big the place was. Pete met me a took me on a grand tour of the yard, which I need to add, we drove in a golf cart to see everything. Well, it was perfect. I know I could have easily spent a few hours there doing the shoot. So it was agreed. I brought my 5 wonderful models down to the yard and off we went. We had such a great time and Pete helped out quite a bit, pointing us in the right direction and helping us to avoid the sprinkler system. The kids had a great time and I got some awesome shots! I want to thank Pete and all my kids for helping me in this shoot! Take a look!!!

Of course it wouldn't be any fun unless we had pictures of the entire group together:

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