Sunday, July 27, 2008

WPLR Wedding

This was the most interesting, exciting and fulfilling wedding I have ever shot. I received a phone call that WPLR was doing a wedding at the West Haven Beach for 2 very deserving people. Their photographer that usually does the shoots for them was out of town, would I want to help out. There was no questions...of course I would.

I began my morning at 3:20 am...I was on the road by 4am. I arrived at the bride's home about 4:45 am. Carey, the bride, was up awake and ready to go. She was nervous, tired but very thankful and happy. Being that it was still dark outside, we did the shots inside of her and all the girls. The flower girls did really well considering the hour of the morning. I was then off to the beach to get photos of the groom.

I arrived at 6:15am. The sun was stunning, lighting the setting for the ceremony. The bustle of the media around Jim, the groom, was overwhelming. The local newspapers and television stations were interviewing him every time he turned around. Chaz and AJ were going about their business getting the listening audience and the people that were coming together on the board walk ready for the big event.

Then it was time...a police officer took Jim away, I quickly followed, and he brought him down to a squad car parked down off the board walk. Jim was then handcuffed and slipped into the car. The bride arrived and was waiting nervously for the ceremony to start. Jim was driven down to where the ceremony was taking place, lights and sirens blaring.

The procession began with a "special guest bridesmaid" Magilla was dressed in a Hawaiian dress, a red wig with pigtails, and a basket of cookies, which he passed out to the guests. They had Hula dancers, a Steel Drum band and even Elvis came to serenade them.

The ceremony was officiated by Mayor April. It was short but a beautiful ceremony. Trying to get the shots was like being in with the paparazzi.

They had their first dance, toast, cake, line dancing, garter and bouquet toss, and special songs about their reason for being there.

I was able to sneak them away for a half hour to get their formal photos done. It was nice to take them down to the beach to get them away by themselves for a few moments to realize, "Hey We're Married!".

We finished up the morning show with a group shot with the WPLR family and all the people that were there. They ended the show with a huge farewell of "New York New York". Pretty much everyone that was there was up and doing their kicks. The couple left the scene in a racing car, a bright blue Corvette. As Jim and Carey drove away, I thought how happy I was to be able to be involved in such a great event. All these people coming together to give these two great people a wedding of a lifetime. They are very deserving of it. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I am very thankful that I could be a part of it!

Congratulations Jim and Carey!

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wjk said...

GREAT work Jenn! Looks like you and everyone had a fine time!